Mr Jian Farhadi is actively involved with research. He is the current lead of research and development of Surgery at Guy’s and St.Thomas’ Hospital London.


2007 Dirk Schaefer Research Prize: Precultivation of Engineered Human Nasal
Cartilage enhances the mechanical properties relevant for use in facial reconstructive surgery
2005 Medidaprix Finalist: Blended Learning as a tool in teaching basic surgical skills to undergraduate students
2003 Research Prize of Swiss Society in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic
Surgery:   “Cell Yield, proliferation, post-expansion differentiation capacity and growth factor responsiveness of human ear, nasal and rib chondrocytes”
2003 Prize of Swiss Society for Clinical Nutrition: “Preoperative
immunonutrition suppresses endotoxinemia during major abdominal
surgery: a randomized controlled trial”
2001 Grand Global Award for craftsmanship: (as Co-Author)
A History of Gastroenterology at the Millennium

Current research

Tissue Engineering

Over the last 8 years Mr Farhadi has focused on tissue engineering of cartilage and adipose tissue. He helped building up the Tissue Engineering Group at the University Hospital in Basel, which compromises more than 20 full time researchers today.

  • Clinical trial of tissue engineered cartilage grafts for nasal reconstruction

Aesthetic Breast Surgery

  1. The use of the ORBIX device in breast reduction
  2. Own tissue internal bra in breast lift procedure
  3. The use of Meshes in breast reduction and breast lift procedures

Microsurgical Breast Reconstruction

  1. Comparison of the PAP flap (inner thigh tissue without muscle) against the TUG flap (with muscle)
  2. The impact of radiotherapy on own tissue breast reconstruction
  3. The effect of radiation in immediate autologous breast reconstruction
  4. Own tissue breast reconstruction in advanced breast cancer
  5. Pre-operative assessment of weight in DIEP flap based reconstruction

Implant Breast Reconstruction

  1. The use of heat pre-conditioning in skin sparing mastectomy
  2. The impact of radiotherapy on implant breast reconstruction with acellular dermal matrix
  3. The use of Silk (Seri) in implant based breast reconstruction

Overview of Publications

Publication list 2018